Eyelid Styes Manual – Upper Eyelid Stye Treatment and Causes

Eyelid Stye Ointment Alternatives

Eyelid stye ointment medications contain an emollient substance, mineral oils, boric acid and mercuric oxide, which is the anti-bacterial agent with an important role in treating the infection. Eye stye ointments are anti-bacterial creams that treat the sores formed on eyelids and which are usually caused by the bacterial agent Staphylococcus aureus. This is a common bacteria found in the human nose.

Eye stye ointments are the most popular treatments used for styes. Patients can prevent the bacteria that cause styes by washing their hands when they are in public places. Other treatments include applying warm compresses on the infected area. The safest way of curing styes is to let them drain on their own. This method will avoid secondary infections that could develop if patients try to pop or rupture the skin around the styes.
There are several types of ointments. Antibiotic ointments can be found at any local drug store, such as Neosporin. Drug companies like Neosporin also develop special antibiotic stye treatments that come in the form of small strips that are designed to be stuck to the eyelid for a period of time. Efficient ointments are antibiotics based because antibiotic is the main and best treatment for bacterial infection in today’s medicine. Antibiotic ointments will kill the bacteria, relieve pain and decrease the healing period. If the stye is just a normal one and it doesn’t develop any other complications such as multiple styes or eye inflammation, it can be easily treated with a topic ointment cream that can be bought from the local drug store. Still, if the stye persists, the patient will be required to visit the doctor.

Antibiotic ointment for styes must be applied in small amounts over the infected area. If the stye is caused by a bacterial infection it can be easily cured with antibiotics, but sometimes styes can result from a secondary infection that is caused by a more severe condition.

Common and popular manufacturers of antibiotic ointments are Neomycin, Foille and Neosporin. All types of ointments can be found in any drug store or online. Anything else that is sold under the name of Triple Antibiotic Cream is a good solution in treating styes. When applying the cream on the infected skin, patients should be careful to never touch their eyes if they have cream on their hand. Still, if they do so, they should gently wash it off with warm water. Patients should also read the ointment’s prospect before using the cream and try to avoid ointments that claim to relieve pain and numb the place. These types of ointments are filled with local anesthetics that are very dangerous for the eye.

Ointments are a better solution for healing styes than liquid eye drops because ointments can stay on the affected place long enough to let the medication do its purpose. Eyelid stye ointment is best placed on the stye before going to bed because during the day the ointment may blur the patient’s vision.

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